There is a huge potential for this process in many areas, in fact it's true to say that there is not much we can't clean up with our equipment, just ask!


Our cleaning is a gentler process than shot blasting,

which means we can remove paints, coatings, dirt, grease and rust without damaging the surface. As mentioned elsewhere soda blasting leaves a very smooth surface, neutralises any rust and is protected by a film which delays any “flash rusting” for up to a couple of weeks. Surfaces so treated may still need rubbing down to provide a good “key” for painting. Archifine, our other main medium, leaves the surface “keyed” for painting but not protected against flash rusting, so immediate priming, climate controlled storage or some other form of protection is advised. Both media are gentle enough not to distort surfaces, in fact soda can even strip paint from a soft drinks can without damage.
We believe our methods are suitable for all types of metals from aluminium aircraft to cast iron furniture, railway locomotives to pushbikes, you name it.

To see some examples of our work please have a look through the gallery or some of our videos. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Video Examples

Choose from our video gallery to see the examples of our techniques in action...


There are some great benefits in choosing our techniques...

  • Removes paint & rust from metal
  • Can be used on brick and stonework
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Will remove grease & marine paint
  • Does not cause warping or pitting
  • Won't damage glass or chrome
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