There is a huge potential for this process in many areas, in fact it's true to say that there is not much we can't clean up with our equipment, just ask!

Stone and Brick

Over the years, stone can build up layers of tarnishing


from pollution, algae, graffiti, paints and dirt leaving the surface, in many cases, dull and unattractive. In the case of paths and other flat surfaces, build up of algae can leave surfaces slippery and dangerous too, particularly in the wet so our processes also have health and safety applications.
Blast cleaning exterior stone can be done “wet” where a supply of water is fed into the jet, this helps keep dust levels down which aids clean up and cushions the more abrasive elements of the media maintaining surface integrity and reducing overspray.
Stone cleaned in this way will normally take on its original “as new” appearance and will stay cleaner longer than with jet washing or steam cleaning.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND using abrasive methods for removing paint from exterior brick as this can damage the brick "skin" leadig to moisture penetration and potential "blowing" of the brick face with frost damage etc. We ARE, however able to remove most paints from exterior brickwork with an environmentally friendly chemical method, this maintains the integrity of the brickwork. (Note Snowcem or limewash cannot be removed in this way (call for more info. 

This photo shows brickwork which has been sandblasted to remove the paint (top courses) and brick that has had the paint removed using our chemical method (lower courses), you can clearly see how blasting has damaged the surfaces.

To see some examples of our work please have a look through the galle

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Video Examples

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There are some great benefits in choosing our techniques...

  • Removes paint & rust from metal
  • Can be used on brick and stonework
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Will remove grease & marine paint
  • Does not cause warping or pitting
  • Won't damage glass or chrome
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