There is a huge potential for this process in many areas, in fact it's true to say that there is not much we can't clean up with our equipment, just ask!

Blast Cleaning

So what is blast cleaning then?

Put simply it is the process of propelling an abrasive medium against the surface to be cleaned or treated. According to the abrasive medium used and the pressure behind it this will then remove various coatings as listed elsewhere or even simply dirt and grime.

With an abrasive like baking soda (sodium bicarbonate, bicarb) this will not alter or damage the item being cleaned or stripped and even, in the case of metals leave behind a surface that is protected from “flash rusting” for a while. Our other main medium of choice, Archifine, does not give this protection but will leave metals “keyed” ready for priming, and remove rust as well.Foam blasting

Blast cleaning can be done wet or dry, we are equipped for both, according to conditions and requirements.
Wet blasting has the advantage of keeping down dust levels and can be a gentler process as the water can act as a “cushion”.
Dry blasting, although a dustier process is used when the presence of moisture would be a hindrance to further treatments e.g. iron and steel, or where you simply wouldn’t want water running about such as stripping house beams, doors, floorboards etc.
Dry blasting dust can simply be vacuumed away but either way we always clean up after ourselves.

Here at Blown away UK we have the latest equipment which is fully mobile, admittedly mounted on classic trucks but we love our classic cars and vehicles, indeed it was classic car restoration that inspired us to start this business. As we looked into it further, though, we realised that there was a huge potential for this process in other areas, in fact it’s true to say that there is not much we can’t clean up with our equipment, just ask!

So what can we clean or strip? Here’s a few examples;


So what can we clean or strip? 

  • Wood...doors, floors, beams, mantels.
  • Stone...walls, floors, monuments, masonry and architecture.
  • Brick...walls, paviors, houses
  • Metals...steel, cast iron, aluminium, alloys, brass, copper.
  • Fibreglass.
  • Tarmac
  • Concrete.
  • Glass.

Some examples of applications and use;

  • Cars, rucks, Trains, Tractors and heavy equipment body, chassis, wheels, engine and mechanical parts, rubber.
  • Boats and ships fibreglass, steel, wood, aluminium, antifoul and mechanical.
  • Aircraft body, fuselage, wings engine and mechanical.
  • Bikes and motorbikes frames, wheels, mechanical.
  • Buildings and architecture beams, floors, doors, walls, roofs.
  • Drives, paths and car parks oil and stains, paints, lines, moss and algae.
  • Restaurant and food processing equipment.
  • Fire damage
  • Swimming pools
  • Statues and monuments.

Among others, you name it, you’ll be blown away by what we can do with it. Please take a moment to look at the gallery and video examples.


Video Examples

Choose from our video gallery to see the examples of our techniques in action...


There are some great benefits in choosing our techniques...

  • Removes paint & rust from metal
  • Can be used on brick and stonework
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Will remove grease & marine paint
  • Does not cause warping or pitting
  • Won't damage glass or chrome
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